Gorgie Cattle Market Branch (North British Railway)


This short branch ran south west from to serve the Gorgie Cattle Market. It also served a minerals depot close to Gorgie [NB] station. The branch ran out from the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway which had nearby branches to the to Gorgie East Goods and Gorgie Mills.

It was also served by the Gorgie Cattle Market Branch (North British Railway). The Gorgie Slaughter Houses came to an agreement with the Caledonian and North British in 1913.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This is the southern junction of a triangular junction formed by Haymarket West Junction (west), Haymarket Central Junction (east) and Gorgie Junction (south).

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A hoarding at Gorgie - August 2019.
John Yellowlees 17/08/2019
Looking north to Gorgie Junction in 1975. The cattle market branch and goods yard joined here on the left. ...
Bill Roberton //1975
Looking west along the along the disconnected Gorgie Cattle Market branch in 1975. The track was donated to the Strathspey Railway by the city ...
Bill Roberton //1975
After taking a freight through Gorgie Junction on the Edinburgh sub, 25026 turns towards Haymarket West Junction where it will join the E&G main line. ...
John Furnevel 14/04/1981
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The cattle market was served by a branch from Gorgie Junction. This struck off from from alongside the goods yard at Gorgie East and ran south west to the north side of the cattle market.

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This street-name recalls the sidings for Gorgie Cattle Market.
John Yellowlees 12/05/2020
We are midway along the course of the branch, looking towards the junction at Gorgie. There were three tracks; that wall across the path was a later ...
David Panton 25/04/2020
A look west along the Gorgie Cattle Market branch, a little to the west of the Junction at Gorgie. There is a bullhead rail post on the left which ...
David Panton 24/12/2019
A look along the course of the Gorgie Cattle Market branch from 'Sidings Way' (bit of a clue there) towards Gorgie Junction. The sidings fanned out ...
David Panton 12/11/2018
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