Gorgie Cattle Market [NB]

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Gorgie Cattle Market [NB] (1910-1967)

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Opened on the Gorgie Cattle Market Branch (North British Railway).


The Edinburgh Corporation owned cattle market, built from 1909, was served by a branch from Gorgie Junction. This struck off from from alongside the goods yard at Gorgie East and ran south west to the north side of the cattle market. The branch was built at the expense of the corporation with the North British Railway paying connection costs at Gorgie. The NB worked the line.

Although nothing remains of the terminus the cattle walking route under the Chesser Avenue road bridge remains. The cattle stances were to the east of the road and market to the west.

This was a large terminus with 11 lines and 4 large platforms with stances and 5 smaller platforms. It handled both cattle and minerals. The depot was on a much larger scale to the nearby Gorgie Cattle Market [CR].

Two extra sidings on the north side of the yard had been laid in/after 1913, the only part of an abortive scheme to link the two railway yards together to be built.

The branch closed in 1967. Edinburgh District Council owned (ex Edinburgh Corporation) track at the yard was gifted to the Strathspey Railway (Preserved) in 1976. The smouldering embankment of the line was removed in/after 1977. The market itself closed in 2002, latterly served by road.


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