Charlestown Railway


The Charlestown Railway was originally the Elgin Railway, partly realigned and improved, particularly with a long curved deviation to the west of Charlestown itself and a station at the harbour.


  /  /1810[Charlestown Railway]
Earl Thomas builds a three arch viaduct to allow trains to reach the harbour. 2 stationary engines also installed.
  /  /1834[Charlestown Railway]
Earl Thomas introduces horse drawn omnibus on railway which can take 50 passengers. First station at Charlestown opened by Camsie House on what is presently the cricket ground.
  /  /1859[Charlestown Railway]
Act receives Royal ascent.
01/08/1861[West of Fife Mineral Railway][Charlestown Railway] and Harbour CompanyWest of Fife Railway and Harbour Company
West of Fife Mineral Railway merged with Charlestown Railway to create the West of Fife Railway and Harbour Company.
  /  /1866[Charlestown Railway]
Part abandoned.
  /  /1890Elgin Railway
[Charlestown Railway]
Part of Charlestowns Inner Harbour filled in to allow extension of the Elgin Railway.
01/09/1894[Charlestown Railway]
Re-built line opened.
01/11/1926[Charlestown Railway]
Charlestown to Dunfermline (Elbowbend Junction) closed to passengers.
01/11/1926[Charlestown Railway]
Dunfermline (Elbowbend Junction) to Charlestown closed to passengers.
24/02/1964[Charlestown Railway]
Charlestown to Crombie RNAD Siding closed to freight.