Elbowend Junction [1st]

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Elbowend Junction [1st] (1866-1966)

Opened on the West of Fife Railway and Harbour.

Opened on the Elgin Railway.

Opened on the Kincardine and Dunfermline Railway (North British Railway).

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This junction was formed when the Charlestown and Dunfermline Railway was met by the 1866 West of Fife Railway and Harbour. Both lines were single track and the signal box (dating from 1894) was in the 'V' of the junction.

The box was replaced in 1906 when the Kincardine Line (North British Railway) opened. This ran parallel for about half a mile to the north of the existing line before reaching the junction from the west. A new box was opened. This was contained within a loop - the lines from the east both doubling before reaching the junction and there being scissors to the west.

The route to Netherton closed in 1959. The box was closed in 1966 and the junction was realigned further west to Elbowend Junction [2nd] with a ground frame.