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A £4 million funding boost for Edinburgh Trams and the Glasgow Subway has been announced by Transport Scotland.

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Where would we be without the Glasgow Subway? It's a question Greens are asking this week after emergency funding for the iconic service came to an end on Wednesday with no sign of a replacement.

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The Scottish Greens have launched a campaign to protect Glasgows Subway system as emergency funding comes to an end.
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The head of Glasgow's subway operator has said commuters in the West of Scotland are still likely to face service cuts despite the approval of a £9 million government rescue package. Transport Secretary Michael Matheson announced that financial support will be put place for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) and Edinburgh Trams from July to the end of September to ensure services can continue to run in the face of a continued decline in passengers.

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Bridge Street [Subway]: Bridge Street Subway station isn't in Bridge Street and had no interchange with the surface station of the same name.  It does however have good connections with buses coming in from the South Side and has far more respectable ticket sales than next-door West Street, the quietest on the line.  On 16 October the ticket hall at Bridge Street is looking pretty quiet too, but there's never much need to hang around these places and (deliberately?) the displays in front of the barriers don't tell you when the next train is due, unlike the ones on the platform.
David Panton 16/10/2010

Glasgow's Subway is to get a share of a £9 million emergency fund after its operators warned the future of the service was in doubt due to Covid passenger losses.

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The Scottish Government announced the funding which will last until the end of September.
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Balgreen [Tram]: Edinburgh Tram 276 heads towards Balgreen and the city centre on 4 March, passing between Carrickknowe Golf Course and the E & D/Fife main lines.
Bill Roberton 04/03/2014

Broomloan Depot [Subway]: A 3-car Subway train in SPT livery standing at the depot in Govan in April 2008.
Colin Harkins 12/04/2008

Subway staff say the company's policy on passenger masks is 'impossible to enforce' - and have suggested those flouting it should face an immediate travel ban.

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Glasgow's Subway operator has warned it may be forced to drastically reduce services permanently without urgent Government aid as it battlesa deficit of up to £20million in passenger losses.

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The Glasgow Subway will close for a weekend in July to allow essential upgrade works.
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The head of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has said closing the Subway is not on the table despite estimated lockdown passenger losses of up to £20million.

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The transport authority that runs Glasgow's Subway has warned it is facing a shortfall of up to £20 million caused byheavy passenger losses during the pandemic lockdown.

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Introduction of the UKs first trains with no staff on board faces an 18-month hold- up because of the Glasgow Subways Victorian tunnels.
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Glasgow Subway is closing for four weeks while modernisation work is carried out.
Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) said all services would be suspended from 2 July. They are due to resume on 1 August.
A replacement bus service is being provided for passengers during the closure.
It will follow the subway route, with additional direct services to the city centre operating from key stations.
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NA: The maroon upholstery and orange grab-poles of this Glasgow Subway car give it away as one of the central trailer cars introduced in 1992 to make all trains three cars long (and filling the platforms). Colours aside the interior fittings are identical in appearance to the 1979 driving cars see image [[30788]]. This is probably deliberate. Photographed on an eerily quiet system early on 4 January, a Scottish public holiday.
David Panton 04/01/2011

Shields Road [Subway]: An outer circle train leaves Shields Road in February 2010.
Ewan Crawford 11/02/2010

Kelvinbridge [Subway]: Oh dear...! Pondering the descent into Kelvinbridge Subway from Great Western Road on a Monday morning in August 2006. See image [[4714]]
John Furnevel 01/08/2006

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