Westerton Junction

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Milngavie Junction (1863-1989)
Westerton Junction (1989-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Milngavie Junction Railway.

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.


This junction is immediately west of Westerton station. Here trains leaving Glasgow divide between the line west and the Milngavie branch.

The goods yard here ran off the branch and is now the station car park.

A signal box was in the 'V' of the junction, in line and on the north side of the Helensburgh line.

The original signal box (marked 'Signalman's Box' on the 1893 publication of the 1857-1860 survey) was on the north side of the junction. After leaving the junction the Milngavie line dropped to a single track. The box was in fact replaced in 1900 when the line to Milngavie was doubled.

The box was renamed from 'Milngavie Junction' to 'Westerton' in 1959.

The box closed in 1990 for the Yoker Signalling Centre. The Milngavie line was singled and the junction converted into a single lead junction. In preparation for this the trailing crossover to the east of the junction had been replaced with a facing crossover earlier in the year.




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28/08/1863Glasgow and Milngavie Junction Railway
Line opened as a single track. Stations at; Bearsden, Milngavie. The line ran from Milngavie to Milngavie Junction (later renamed Westerton Junction) with trains continuing to Glasgow Queen Street High Level until the Glasgow City and District Railway opened after which trains started to serve Glasgow Queen Street Low Level.
24/04/1900Glasgow and Milngavie Junction Railway
The line was doubled from Milngavie Junction to Milngavie.
  /  /1992Glasgow and Milngavie Junction Railway
Line singled from Milngavie Junction to just west of Bearsden and from just east of Hillfoot station to just south of Milngavie station.