Touch North Junction

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Touch North Junction (1890-1970)

Opened on the Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway).
Opened on the Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway.


This was the northern end of a curve opened 1890 with the Forth Bridge to allow a Edinburgh Waverley - Stirling service via Oakley in addition to other services.

Both lines at the junction were double track. The signal box was on the north side of the junction. The box was replaced in 1915 when the new Dunfermline Shed opened with a new box slightly further west, mid way between the junction and shed.

The curve closed in 1970. The route west to Stirling had closed to passengers in 1968.



Chronology Dates

06/05/1968Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Dunfermline; Townhill Junction to Touch North Junction closed to passengers.
05/01/1970Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway
Touch North Junction to Touch South Junction closed to passengers.


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