Swing Bridge West Signal Box

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Swing Bridge Signal Box (1886-1899)
Swing Bridge West Signal Box (1899-1927)

Opened on the Stirlingshire Midland Junction Railway.


This signal box controlled the swing bridge over the Forth and Clyde Canal at Camelon and the approaches. At first the swing bridge carried a single line on an otherwise double track railway. The box was on the west side of the canal and the south side of the railway.

To the west was Swing Bridge Junction for the Carron Iron Works and a trailing siding for the Sunnyside Iron Works.

To the east was the approach to Falkirk Grahamston and a goods loop on the north side serving Camelon Iron Works amongst others.

The box was replaced in 1899, the new box being Swing Bridge West. In addition Swing Bridge East Signal Box opened, a subsidiary box. The new west box was a little to the west of the original and larger. It also controlled a new level crossing which was between the box and the swing bridge (there was a second crossing at the east end of the bridge). The swing bridge was replaced with a double track version. This swivelled at its east end.

The box became a lever frame in 1908 and the east box became the principal box. This was when Swing Bridge Junction, to the west, was remodelled for the opening of the second route to Grangemouth via Bainsford and Orchardhall, Bainsford Branch (North British Railway). The west box no longer operated the junction with the opening of Swing Bridge Junction box.

The box closed altogether in 1927. The box appears in photographs from the mid 1960s, perhaps retained as a gate box or bothy?

The canal closed in 1963 after which the swing bridge remained fixed.

The level crossing was replaced with a road bridge in the 1988, the road being realigned a little to the west.

The canal reopened to through traffic in 2001. The swing bridge remains fixed. It now carries an electrified railway.

The Carron Company Basin was just to the north on the west bank of the canal. The basin and the tramway provided an outlet for the company and was used as part of the route to bring coal to the works.



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