Bainsford Branch (North British Railway)


This was the western half of a goods and mineral line between Falkirk and Grangemouth, a relief line to the main line to Grangemouth which also served works in the Bainsford area. The western half was North British Railway owned and the eastern Caledonian Railway owned.

The line closed in 1968 with a small portion at its eastern end surviving for the Falkirk Aluminium Works, served by the surviving CR portion Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway).

For much of its course the former line is now a roadway.


  /  /1908Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway) Bainsford Branch (North British Railway)
By-pass line from Swing Bridge Junction to Fouldubs Junction partly opened. The western half was owned by the North British Railway (part of the former line to the Carron Iron Works) and the eastern was to be opened by the Caledonian Railway.
  /  /1968Bainsford Branch (North British Railway)
Line closed with the exception of a short portion at the eastern end which allowed access to the Falkirk Aluminium Works via the Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway).

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was the junction between the railway to the Carron Iron Works and the later (1908) Bainsford Branch (North British Railway). The signal box was in the 'V' of the junction.

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This was a Second World War factory. The works was closed by Alcan in 2004.

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Disused track entering the Orchardhall Aluminium Works, Falkirk, in 1990. Latterly the works was served by a branch from Fouldubs Junction, the stub ...
Ewan Crawford //1990
The disused line to the British Aluminium Company, Falkirk, with the works dominating the view on 20 March 1992. The last of the buildings alongside ...
Bill Roberton 20/03/1992
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This was an end-on junction between the Caledonian Railway and the North British Railway on the secondary route to Grangemouth between Swing Bridge Junction (west) and Fouldubs Junctions (east).

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