Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)


The eastern half of the double track goods and minerals line from Falkirk to Grangemouth belonged to the Caledonian Railway and opened in 1911. It survived the western half to serve the Falkirk Aluminium Works, actually on the western (formerly North British Railway) half. It was a relief line also serving many works in the Bainsford area formerly served by the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The stub of the line remains today at Fouldubs Junction along with several freight depots.

Alternative names: Orchardhall Branch (Caledonian Railway) or Grahamston New Lines (Caledonian Railway).


  /  /1900Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Fouldubs Junction to Bainsford (Burnhouse) and works sidings authorised.
  /  /1903Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Extension of time (to 1908) to complete line granted.
  /  /1905Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Extension of time (to 1911) to complete line granted.
  /  /1908Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway) Bainsford Branch (North British Railway)
By-pass line from Swing Bridge Junction to Fouldubs Junction partly opened. The western half was owned by the North British Railway (part of the former line to the Carron Iron Works) and the eastern was to be opened by the Caledonian Railway.
23/11/1911Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Orchardhall Swing Bridge to Fouldubs Junction opened, completing line.
  /  /1968Bainsford Branch (North British Railway)
Line closed with the exception of a short portion at the eastern end which allowed access to the Falkirk Aluminium Works via the Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway).
  /  /1986Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Fouldubs Junction to Falkirk Aluminium Works closed.
  /  /1991Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Line starts to be lifted.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Bainsford to Fouldubs

This was an end-on junction between the Caledonian Railway and the North British Railway on the secondary route to Grangemouth between Swing Bridge Junction (west) and Fouldubs Junctions (east).

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This swing bridge crossed the Forth and Clyde Canal and carried the 1911 goods only Bainsford Branch (Caledonian Railway) between its junction with the North British Railway at Bainsford Junction and Fouldubs Junction on the Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal), now owned by the Caledonian Railway.

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Approaching Orchardhall Swing Bridge on the towpath alongside the Forth and Clyde Canal in 1995. View is east towards Grangemouth. This section of ...
James C Wilson Collection //1995
The remains of Orchardhall Swing Bridge signal box (over the Forth and Clyde Canal) in 1989, looking towards the aluminium works. ...
Ewan Crawford //1989
Orchardhall Swing Bridge over the closed Forth and Clyde Canal. At this date disused track remained on the bridge along with most of the signalbox. ...
Ewan Crawford //1990
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This single ended shed was located in the ^V^ of the junction at Fouldubs Junction. The shed was approached from the junction to the east.

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26001 stands on the fueling point at Grangemouth in late 1993. This was after its stint on the Inverness Kyle Summer specials with 26007 and shortly ...
Douglas McPherson //1993
Ex - CR Jumbo No. 57269 must have been one of the last in service when photographed at Grangemouth shed during the Easter holidays in 1963, although I ...
Bill Jamieson 07/04/1963
Part of the shed yard at Grangemouth in an undated photograph showing Fowler 4F 0-6-0s 44320 (nearest) and 44149. The 0-6-0s were both withdrawn in ...
K A Gray //1958
Stored locomotive siding at 65F Grangemouth shed on 21 April 1961 seen from the cab of a Holmes J88 0-6-0T, thought to be no 68344. ...
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) 21/04/1961
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This junction is located on the western edge of Grangemouth. Today it is the junction between various freight lines and the double track railway to Grangemouth Junction. It is controlled by a large signal box on the north side of the line. This box is unusual in Scotland now, for being the only box located on a goods network. From here sidings serve the TDG depot, WH Malcolm depot, ...

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Fouldubs Junction ^box on 1 August with a catenary mast intruding on the scene. A portent of doom for the signalbox? ...
Bill Roberton 01/08/2017
A container train accelerates south west away from Grangemouth towards Falkirk in September 2006. The locomotive is DRS 66408 and the working is the ...
John Furnevel /09/2006
Asda containers at WHM Grangemouth on 13 June 2005, recently arrived behind DRS 66446. ...
John Furnevel 13/06/2005
A smart looking Fouldubs Junction signal box bathed in sunshine on 20 May 2015. See image 27559 ...
John Furnevel 20/05/2015
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