Carron Iron Works

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Carron Iron Works (1759-1963)

Served by the Carron Company.


This iron works was established in 1759. The works was able to produce iron from raw materials (notably using coke) and produce products such as cannons. Indeed the works was famous for its product the Carronade which was a form of cannon used until the 1850s.

The works diversified, making ovens, and ranges, and was modernised and rebuilt on a number of occasions, notably in the 1890s.

The blast furnaces closed in 1963 but manufacturing continued at the site, and despite bankruptcy in the 1980s, some manufacturing continues.


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26/12/1760Carron Iron Works
Carron Iron Works opens. Managed by Dr Roebuck. Shareholders in the Carron Company were; Dr Roebuck, Thomas Roebuck, Ebenezer Roebuck, William Cadell Senior and Junior of Cockenzie (who owned pits at Tranent), John Cadell and Samuel Garbett. The works may even have been in blast in January.
  /  /1779Tranent Waggonway
Taken over by John Cadell of the Carron Iron Works.