Elgin Waggonway


  /  /1768Elgin Waggonway
Opened from Berrylaw to Limekilns Harbour with wooden rails by the 5th Earl of Elgin (or William Cadell, sources disagree). The line carried coal and iron ore for the Carron Iron Works.
  /  /1773Elgin Waggonway
Alternative opening date.
  /  /1792Elgin Waggonway
Branch to Charlestown Limekilns.
  /  /1794Elgin Waggonway
Branch to Baldridge Colliery.
  /  /1801Elgin Waggonway
Branch to Charlestown Harbour opened.
  /  /1801Elgin Waggonway
Branch to Pitfirane opened.
  /  /1812Elgin Waggonway
Branches to Wellwood and Rosebank collieries opened.