South Side Carriage Shed

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South Side Carriage Shed

Opened on the Glasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Direct Railway.
Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This was a long six road carriage shed south of South Side [GB and NDR], built after 1892 on the east side of the approach to that former station and with the City of Glasgow Union Railway line on its east side on approach to Glasgow St Enoch from Langside Junction to the south. The sidings through the carriage shed were looped.

After the shed was demolished the sidings remained in use for carriages. The side walls remained standing. The sidings closed with the closure of Glasgow St Enoch.

The site became a small industrial estate. The M74 extension now runs through the site at 90 degrees to the former line.


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  /  /1892Glasgow and South Western Railway Caledonian Railway
Caledonian Railway authorised to sell land at Gushetfaulds (for the South Side Carriage Shed) to the Glasgow and South Western Railway.


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