Portessie Shed

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Portessie Shed (1884-1915)

Opened on the Buckie and Portessie Branch (Highland Railway).


This was a two road Highland Railway locomotive shed at the east end of the comapny's part of the Portessie [HR] and Portessie [GNSR]] station.

The shed was approached from the west, from the Highland part of the station. To the north of the shed was the turntable and water tank. To the east, a railwayman's cottage.

The turntable remained in use until 1953, it was useful turning engines for the heavy traffic from Cluny Harbour.

The turntable, base of the water tower and cottage remain today. Portions of the demolished shed can also be found, very overgrown.


The trackbed is now the National Cycle Route 1 .



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Chronology Dates

01/08/1884Buckie and Portessie Branch (Highland Railway)
Line opened. Stations opened at Forgie, Enzie, Drybridge Platform, Rathven, Buckie [HR] and Portessie [HR], along with Portessie Shed.