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Newmains (1867-1930)

Opened on the Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway).


This was a station and junction. The station had a single platform on the 1864 single track line from Morningside [CR] to Drumbowie Junction. The platform was on the east side of the line. The goods yard was to the east, accessed from the north.

The station was a similar distance away from the Coltness Iron Works as Morningside [CR] station was from the works.

Newmains station was to the north east of Newmains village, which was developed for the works. The bridge was designed to cross three tracks - a single track (for the works) and a double track (the passenger line of which only one was laid).

Alongside the north end of the platform the line split with a connection into the Coltness Iron Works splitting off and running parallel under Bonkle Road before striking off to the south west to the works.

The signal box was at the north end of the station platform with the running lines to the west and goods yard to the east. It opened in 1867, with the station. The station closed in 1930 and the box closed in 1934.

Further south, on the line to Morningside [CR], was Newmains Junction with a branch leading west to Cambusnethan.

The line north from the station closed in 1947 leaving the north end of the station as a reversing spur for accessing the iron works from the north.

The remaining line closed in 1951. The station site has been cleared since complete closure of the line.

The trackbed remains as a dirt path and the Bonkle Road bridge still stands. The platform area and goods yard are now housing.



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  /05/1839Coltness Iron Works
Opened by the Houldsworth family by Newmains.
15/05/1867Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened to passengers (Newarthill and Morningside Branch). New stations at Cleland [1st], Newmains and a new Morningside [CR].
  /05/1887Coltness Iron Works
Travel arranged for CIC workers between Newmains and Sunnyside. The company pays the Caledonian Railway an annual fee.
  /05/1887Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway)
Start of an arrangement where the Coltness Iron Company pays £200 annually to allow Coltness Iron Works staff to travel from Sunnyside to Newmains without tickets.
  /  /1947Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway)
Newmains (excluded) to Cleland [1st] closed to freight.
05/02/1951Cleland to Morningside Line (Caledonian Railway)
Morningside [CR] (excluded) to Newmains (excluded) closed to freight.