Mount Vernon North

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Names and dates

Mount Vernon [NB] (1878-1952)
Mount Vernon North (1952-1955)

Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.

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This was a two platform station on the Hamilton branch from Shettleston. The station was on an embankment. Platforms were built in timber.

The site is now occupied by housing.

The goods station was half a mile closer to Shettleston Junction. A catch point on the southbound line existed a little further north to prevent runaways to the junction.

The station name was changed in 1952 to differentiate it from the former Caledonian Railway station.

Mount Vernon signal box was located to the south of the station and controlled access to the mineral line to Burntbroom Colliery Pit No 1, also served by the Caledonian Railway.

Further east was a short branch to Barrachnie Colliery and Brickworks which ran north from close to the bridge over the Caledonian Railway line.

The next station south was Broomhouse, the line crossing of the Caledonian Railway Rutherglen and Coatbridge Railway en route.