Menstrie and Glenochil

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Menstrie (1863-1954)
Menstrie and Glenochil (1954-1954)

Opened on the Alva Railway.


This was a single platform station on the north side of the line. The platform extended under the bridge at the west end of the station.

The station buildings was by the bridge, on its east side. To the east was a small goods yard on the north side of the line. Beyond this was a branch to the Glenochil Distillery on the south side of the line. Extra stabling sidings, accessed from the east, were laid in south of the platform for the distillery.

The station closed in 1954 and the line east to Alva closed in 1964.

The distillery site is still in use. Glenochil Yeast was based in the north of the site and the railway remained open officially until 1994 to deliver molasses here from the James Watt Dock, Greenock. A loop was left in place.

Track was left in place for a time and the line to Cambus is now a footpath.

A railway cottage remains on the west side of the road, and north side of line.



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