Glenochil Yeast

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Glenochil Yeast

Served by the Alva Railway.


The Glenochil Yeast depot south of Menstrie was rail served. The works was to the south east of the former Menstrie station and had sidings approached from the west on the the south side of the Alva Railway.

This traffic (along with traffic to the Cambus Distillery) kept the railway open from Stirling to Cambus, where trains ran round, to Menstrie until the 1990s. The Cambus loop even being put in for this traffic to allow the trains to run round after the closure of Alloa Marshalling Yard.

The sidings at Menstrie had a loop on the line curving into the works.

Trains ran to Glenochil from United Molasses at the James Watt Dock and from Kings Lynn via Grangemouth (later rerouted to Mossend).

The traffic ceased around 1994.

The railway is closed and lifted as far as Cambus.


Works factory yeast