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Macmerry (1872-1925)

Opened on the Macmerry Branch (North British Railway).


This was the terminus of a branch from Monktonhall Junction. There were several mines in the Macmerry area. The station was in the west of Macmerry.

The first line here was a tramway which ran south from the North British Railway at Seton close to St Germains Crossing. The tramway crossed the A199 on the level and ran south to Pencaitland Colliery.

After conversion to a railway Macmerry became a terminus, the line approaching from the south. The station consisted of a single platform, on the west side of the line, with a brick built basic station building and a signal box at the south end. South of the platform was a loop from which the goods yard siding ran, on the west side of the line, both goods yard sidings approached from the south.

A mineral line ran from south of the station north eastwards to cross the A199 east of the station and reach Merryfield Pit, Engine Pit, Bald Pit and an incline to Dander Pit. All shown on the 1894 Ordnance Survey map.

By 1907 that mineral line had closed an a new one opened. This ran directly down the east side of the station to cross the A199 to reach Penston Colliery and Penston Briar Pit.

The station closed to passengers in 1925. The signal box closed and the line became one-engine-in-steam from Ormiston. By the 1950s the station building was gone and the platform line cut back. The line closed in 1960.

The station site remained relatively intact until the 2000s. The timber platform had collapsed but the site was largely intact. It is now housing.


Macmerry still has a Miners' Welfare club, in the centre of the village on the south side of the A199.


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Chronology Dates

03/06/1862Macmerry Branch (North British Railway)
Monktonhall Junction [1st] to Hardengreen Junction authorised with branch to Macmerry.
19/03/1870Macmerry Branch (North British Railway)
Line opened from Monktonhall Junction [1st] to Macmerry.
01/05/1872Macmerry Branch (North British Railway)
Smeaton, Ormiston, Winton and Macmerry stations opened.
01/07/1925Macmerry Branch (North British Railway)
Ormiston (excluded) to Macmerry closed to passengers. Macmerry and Winton closed.
02/05/1960Macmerry Branch (North British Railway)
Macmerry to Ormiston (excluded) closed to freight. Goods depots at Macmerry and Winton closed.


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