Lochend Junction

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Names and dates

Lochend Junction (1888-1903)
Lochend South Junction (1903-1972)
Lochend Junction (1972-1988)

Opened on the Easter Road Deviation (North British Railway).

Opened on the Leith Central Branch (North British Railway).


This junction opened in 1888 with the curve from London Road Junction. This provided a secondary route from Abbeyhill Junction to Piershill Junction and on to Portobello East Junction, thus quadrupling the route.

The signal box was on the south side of the junction, just east of the junction itself, and to the south again were reversing sidings served from the London Road Junction curve. These gave access to Moray Park Maltings and an iron foundry to the west.

In 1903 with the opening of Leith Central the same junction was used to provide an eastern approach to the new terminus.

For the new terminus a new box was built, on the north side of the now three way junction. The new line joined the existing lines immediately to the east of the box, having run round the north side of the box. The older junction was to the west of the box. Within the new triangle of lines were sidings, approached from the east.

The signal box was renamed Lochend Junction in 1927 on closure of Lochend North Junction, at the north end of the new curve.

The Leith Central branch closed in 1972.

The box closed in 1977, taken over by Edinburgh Signalling Centre.

The curve to London Road Junction [Edinburgh] closed in 1988. The remaining single track line to Powderhall is now out of use with the closure of the Powderhall Destructor.