Lochend North Junction

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Lochend North Junction (1903-1970)

Opened on the Leith Central Branch (North British Railway).


This junction was south of Leith Central and controlled the approaches to the terminus from London Road Junction [Edinburgh] to the west and Lochend South Junction to the east. Both lines were double track and were opened with the terminus.

The west fork allowed approach to the terminus from Edinburgh Waverley. The eastern fork allowed approach from the East Coast Main Line, the Waverley Route and from the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway.

The signal box closed in 1927, it was taken over by London Road Junction [Edinburgh] box.

The terminus closed to passengers in 1952 and the station became a train maintenance depot. Complete closure was in 1972.

The site has been obliterated. Buildings on the west side of Lochend Butterfly Way now occupy the infilled cutting. The stone wall on the east side of this road was once the eastern line boundary.