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Douglas (1864-1931)
Happendon (1931-1964)

Opened on the Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Muirkirk Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was the terminus of the Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway) from Lanark. It remained a terminus until 1873 when the line extended to Muirkirk [2nd].

When opened there was no no housing, no town or village at the terminus. Douglas was some 3 miles distant, to the south west. The distance to Douglas Castle was shorter, around 2.5 miles.

A number of mines were served on either side of the railway between Douglas and Ponfeigh.

When in 1873 the line was extended west it passed closer to Douglas, but it took until 1896 for a station, Douglas West, to be opened to the public. This new was considerably closer to the town at about 1 miles. Despite this the original station remained open.

There were two boxes, both on the south side of the line. One was at the east end off the end of the platform and a second box midway along the westbound platform, this box surviving into the 1960s.

It was named Douglas until 1931 when it was renamed Happendon, which had been a small settlement and bridge less than a mile to the south. A large Second World War prisoner of war camp was located here.

The station two platforms and a through goods line on the north side. There was a small goods yard on the south side, approached from the east.

As initially opened there was, of course, no through line. There was a turntable at the west end. The extension was made 'end on' to the original line. To the west was Poniel Junction where the line to Alton Heights Junction joined the route west in 1888.

The station and line closed in 1964.

The platforms and goods loading bank can still be found, somewhat overgrown, and a number of railway cottages survive in use as houses.


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Chronology Dates

  /  /1847Caledonian Railway
Branches to Bankend, Canderside Colliery, Douglas and Strathaven [Flemington] passed, but not proceeded with.
  /  /1847Hamilton Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Authorisation of a branch from Blantyre to Douglas/Weston. The branch was not built.
  /  /1860Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Line authorised: Smyllum Junction (Lanark) to Douglas. Smyllum Curve (Douglas Junction East to Douglas Junction South) and Silvermuir Curve (Silvermuir Junction to Silvermuir South Junction) also authorised.
01/04/1864Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Lanark (Smyllum Junction) to Douglas opened. In Lanark a triangular junction is created by opening Douglas Junction South to Douglas Junction East.
01/01/1873Muirkirk Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Caledonian Railway line via Douglas reaches Muirkirk [1st] and is opened to goods and minerals. The Caledonian Railway use the Glasgow and South Western Railway's Muirkirk Shed.
01/10/1896Muirkirk Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Douglas West station opened on the existing line. This station was better sited for the village than the existing Douglas station.