Cook Street Shed

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Loco shed

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Cook Street Shed (1840-1960)


This small works and locomotive running shed was the principal railway works of the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway. It was replaced by the Glasgow and South Western Railway's Kilmarnock Works in 1855.

The site was bounded by Cook Street, to the north, Salkeld Street, to the east, Eglinton Street Goods, to the south, and the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway to the west.

Rail access was from the north, from the Glasgow Bridge Street terminus, with a turntable on the west side.

Although close to Bridge Street station it was a cramped site and with the relocation of the works to Kilmarnock it was given over to being a locomotive shed only. It was replaced with the opening of St Enoch Locomotive Depot in 1884 at the Glasgow and South Western Railway's new terminus.

Even before the grouping the site was used by the Caledonian Railway, due to the proximity of Glasgow Central station, for turning locomotives on the Gourock and Wemyss Bay routes.

By the 1960s the turntable remained connected and the workshops were rail-less.

Glasgow Central's power box was built on the north part of the site, Glasgow Central Power Box.


Locomotive shed


  /  /1892Caledonian Railway
Caledonian Railway repeals the Glasgow and South Western Railway's access to Cook Street Shed.