Cook Street Junction

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West Street Signal Box (-1925)
Cook Street Junction (1925-)

Opened on the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway.


This junction is on the Glasgow to Paisley railway, on the south bank of the River Clyde near Glasgow Central. Today this is the junction between the main Paisley line and the Smithy Lye through road to Shields Road and Shields Junctions.

This junction is on approximately the site of the very short lived West Street station, temporary Glasgow terminus of the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway before it was extended to Bridge Street.

The junction was for access to various sidings.

To the west and from north to south:
- Howden Scotland Street Works - the main line to Paisley Gilmour Street - Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings - through line to Shields Road [GPJ] - Smithy Lye Carriage Sidings carriage shed

To the east:
- Cook Street Goods (minerals)
- the main line to Bridge Street and, later, Glasgow Central - Eglinton Street Goods
The through goods line from the west connected to both the Bridge Street approach and Eglinton Street Goods approach.

The signal box was on the south side of the junction. It was on the west side of West Street, sandwiched between the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway bridge and City of Glasgow Union Railway bridge to the south.

The box was renamed from West Street to Cook Street in 1925 - this avoided confusion with the other West Street junctions: West Street Junction [CR] and West Street Junction [GSWR] which were on different lines.

The box closed in 1966 when Glasgow Central Power Box took over. The lines were rearranged and the Smithy Lye sidings electrified. The goods loop to Shields Road was severed at its west end to provide another pair of sidings. The Eglinton Street Goods became the Salkeld Street Parcels Depot.




Cook Street Branch Junction


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