Blochairn Junction

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Blochairn Junction (1886-1962)

Opened on the Blochairn Steel Works Branch (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the The Switchback (Caledonian Railway).


This junction opened in 1886 when the 1884 Blochairn Branch (Caledonian Railway) was extended south by the The Switchback (Caledonian Railway) to London Road Junction [Glasgow] to meet the 1877 Dalmarnock Branch Extension (Caledonian Railway). The Switchback not only connected the Caledonian Railway's northern and southern systems in Glasgow but also served the Parkhead Iron Works.

To the south west were the Blochairn Iron Works, served by the original double track line. This line ran from the junction along the north side of the Monkland Canal to the works.

The Switchback ran south over the Monkland Canal.

The signal box was on the east side of the junction.

The Provan Gas Works opened on the west side. Blochairn Junction was the southern end of a set of looped sidings on the west side which ran north to Blackhill Junction (sidings into the gas works ran west from these loops).

The Blochairn Iron Works branch closed in 1962. The box closed. The Switchback remained open until 1964.

The site is now the M80, the curve where the northbound lanes of the M80 curve just after leaving the M8.




02/08/1886The Switchback (Caledonian Railway)
Extension from Parkhead Junction [CR] to Blochairn Junction opened. Blackhill Junction to Germiston Junction Low (Buchanan Street Extension (Caledonian Railway)) also opened.