Blane Valley Junction

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Blane Valley Junction (1866-1964)

Opened on the Blane Valley Railway.
Opened on the Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).


The Blane Valley Railway of 1866 met the Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway) here.

The Campsie Branch was double track and the Blane Valley doubled before meeting it.

The signal box was built aligned with the Blane Valley. The original terminus, Lennoxtown [1st], was left on a short branch from the junction and became a goods yard while Lennoxtown [2nd] replaced it on the route west to Dumgoyne and, later, Aberfoyle.

There were two bridges over the Glazert Water. A single track on on the Blane Valley and a double on the approach to the old terminus.

The box closed in 1958. The line west closed in 1964 and the original terminus closed in 1966.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
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Chronology Dates

24/06/1956Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway)
Blane Valley Junction to Kelvin Valley West Junction singled. (The approach to Lennoxtown [1st] having previously been singled.) The westbound line was lifted between Blane Valley Junction and Milton of Campsie and, beyond that, the southbound line was lifted. The line slewed east of Milton of Campsie.
28/09/1964Blane Valley Railway
Lennox Castle Siding to Lennoxtown [2nd], Blane Valley Junction, (excluded) closed to freight.


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