Cruden Bay Hotel Tramway (Great North of Scotland Railway)


This electric tramway connected the Great North of Scotland Railway station at Cruden Bay with their high status hotel nearby which was built in the same era as Gleneagles and Turnberry but unlike it's contemporaries no longer exists.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This was a very fine two platform station with heavily canopied station buildings on each platform, in keeping with it being associated with a fine railway owned hotel, Cruden Bay Hotel. The hotel and its electric tramway (Cruden Bay Hotel Tramway (Great North of Scotland Railway)) opened in 1899.

More details
A view from the west of the remains of the viaduct just east of the Cruden Bay station site. ...
Alan Cormack 15/08/2017
The remains of a bridge abutment just to the west of Cruden Bay, at Nethermill.
Alan Cormack 15/08/2017
The GNSR coat-of-arms seen at the former Cruden Bay Hotel, circa 1961. ...
David Murray-Smith //1961
The former station masters house at Cruden Bay in November 2006. ...
John Furnevel 06/11/2006