Cowlairs Chord (British Railways)


This chord was built across the south end of the former Cowlairs Carriage Sidings and Turkey Yard to give Cumbernauld trains direct access to Glasgow Queen Street High Level. Previously these trains were less convenient; they terminated at Springburn (blocking the line) and made connection with the Milngavie to Springburn electric service via Glasgow Queen Street Low Level.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This junction was formed in 1992 with the opening of the south to east curve of the Cowlairs Chord (British Railways). The chord provides direct access to Cumbernauld for trains from Glasgow Queen Street High Level, formerly commencing from Springburn with a connecting Milngavie-Queen Street Low Level-Springburn shuttle. The original Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway is ...

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After an effortless climb, 170408 on a Glasgow - Edinburgh service reaches the top of the Cowlairs incline and into the sunlight on 22nd February ...
Colin McDonald 22/02/2016
170 416 nears the end of its climb to Cowlairs with the 0915 to
David Panton 11/09/2010
a 101 & a 107 pass each other at Cowlairs. ...
Brian Forbes //1988
Against a backdrop of the high flats of Springburn 158 741 descends
David Panton 11/09/2010
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This junction opened in 1992 when the single track Cowlairs Chord opened from here, the east end, to Cowlairs South Junction the west. This new chord allowed trains to Cumbernauld to run directly from Glasgow Queen Street High Level for the first time. Prior to this this diesel shuttle service ran from Springburn to Cumbernauld, connecting with the electric Milngavie to ...

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New maintenance centre under construction at Cowlairs. ...
Ewan Crawford 02/02/2008
170 459 approaches Springburn station with a service from Glasgow Queen Street High Level on 16 October.  It has just cleared the cord from Cowlairs ...
David Panton 16/10/2010
Cumbernauld - Glasgow service takes the Cowlairs Chord past the site of the new maintenance and signalling centres at Cowlairs. ...
Ewan Crawford 02/02/2008
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