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The Island Line, the Isle of Wight's railway, has been operated since 1989 by refurbished former London Underground trains, built originally in 1938. However, they have now operated their last service. The final Class 483 train rolled out of Ryde Pier Head Station at 23:17 on Sunday 3 January, closing a historic chapter for Island.
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The first of five Class 484 electric multiple-units for the Isle of Wight was delivered to the island on a Wightlink ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne on November 19.
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Has arrived on the Isle of Wight! Such a great day and we couldnt be happier to be part of Island Lines amazing history. Our trains are built using the bodyshell and bogies from the D78s, everything else is new. These trains, the Class 484s, use Island Lines existing 3rd rail and come complete with []
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The redundant tramway on Ryde Pier looks set to be transformed into a dedicated cycle and pedestrian walkway as part of a multi-million-pound package of active travel and public transport improvements announced by the Isle of Wight Council today (Monday).
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Today (Monday) theres good news for the users of Island Line. New trains are coming to the Island.
As anyone who has ridden the Isle of Wights train service knows, the trains that run between Shanklin and Ryde pier head are old. Really old.
The trains and carriages first came into service in 1938 on London Undergrounds Tube. Theyre so old in fact that theyre older than some of the wagons that run on the heritage Isle of Wight Steam Railway.
Five new trains
Today its been announced that the company Vivarail has been selected to build five new trains to run on the Isle of Wight.
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