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Plans are back on track to bring an important piece of Tayside railway history back into use as family homes. B-listed sheds at the end of what was the Dundee to Newtyle line are now at the centre of proposals to build six homes in what developers say will be a new micro community in the Angus village.
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Newtyle [1st]: The north end of the original Newtyle station showing the platform and building added to the right after conversion for goods. The building's gable end was also modified and offices on the east side demolished. View looks south.
Colin Martin 24/06/2017

Newtyle [1st]: The Dundee end of the older Newtyle station in 1998 looking north. The Hatton incline is behind the camera.
Ewan Crawford //1998

Newtyle [1st]: More than 100 years after closure, Newtyle (Old) station building survives in agricultural use in October 1974. The original Dundee-Newtyle route included three inclined planes which required stationary steam engines to haul the trains uphill. These steep sections were bypassed by three new deviation routes, including the section which led to the closure of Newtyle (Old) and the associated Hatton Incline in 1868.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) /10/1974

Dundee Law boasts a tunnel which was carved though the hill in the early 19th century. Blocked up in the 1980s, there are hopes it might be given an exciting new lease of life, discovers Gayle Ritchie.
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Law Incline: Three vintage bolts found by a householder in a garden to the east side of the former Law Incline (between Dundee Ward Road and the Law Tunnel). Suspected to be screw spikes or track fasteners. They're in not bad shape given line closure in the 1860s. Does anyone know their exact purposes? [Thank you very much for the replies so far. For completeness here are extracts from three replies; 'The left hand one is a chair spike, which was used with a wooden treenail to secure early chairs to wooden sleepers. The right hand one is a bullhead fishbolt. Not too sure about the middle one, some kind of spike or fang bolt?' and from another reply 'the centre fixing could well be a spike for fastening down track' and a further comment 'if the centre spike has an offset head then it is most likely for fixing an early cast flat bottom rail to a wooden sleeper'.]
Ewan Crawford 27/03/2010

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