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Network Rail has announced a major step forward in tackling climate change by becoming the first railway company in the world to set the most ambitious Science-Based Targets to limit global warming.
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A report into the fatal derailment near Stonehaven says the industry must improve its response to extreme weather.
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Scientists agree that today's climate is very different to when the railways were built by our Victorian ancestors.
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More needs to be done to tackle the impacts of climate change on the railway, which has seen risks increase over the last year, according to a new report published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) today (14 July).
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Switching goods from road to rail offers a 'quick win', argues Joe ODonnell.
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The new National Transport Strategy (NTS) for Scotland published earlier this month was greeted as a disappointment and a wasted opportunity by organisations with particular concerns about the all-encompassing climate emergency.
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Trains could run 24 hours a day between Glasgow and Edinburgh during the COP26 climate conference in November following a request by the UK government.
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Since First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared a 'climate emergency' in April, the political agenda has been moving inexorably - albeit too slowly - towards a radical transformation of Scottish transport investment priorities. Last month, a collaboration of seven sustainable transport campaigns came together to make the case for a fundamental reprioritisation, 'starting with an end to creating new trunk road capacity'.
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If we are to provide a serious response to the present climate emergency, there will have to be behavioural change, not only by customers, but also by providers of transport services. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport was fascinated to hear from Karl Watts, chief executive of new kid on the track, the Rail Operations Group (ROG), about a big new opportunity for rail freight to raise its game.
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Scotland faces 'huge' bills to upgrade its often Victorian-era railways and drains to cope with the extreme weather provoked by climate change, an expert has warned.

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