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Whitburn (1850-1852)
Whitburn (1864-1930)

Opened on the Longridge to Bathgate (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).


This station had a brick built station building on the platform. The platform was on the west side of a loop, the line being single track to north and south. There were sidings on either side, approached from the south.

The signal box, opened in 1899, was on the west side at the south end of the station. The loop was extended. Whitrigg Colliery Pit No 5 was served by a short branch to the south east. To the east was Whitrigg Fireclay Mine, served by a branch from the colliery line.

The station closed in 1930.

The railway south to Bents closed in 1966. The signal box closed in 1967. Whitrigg Colliery Pit No 5 through to [[Polkemmet Junction closed in 1969, the trackbed cut through by the M8 (Dechmont to Whitburn opened in 1969).

The station was at East Whitburn.