St Rollox Goods West

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St Rollox Goods West (1831-1968)

Opened on the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway.


This mineral depot was east of Glebe Street (Pinkston Road) and approached from the east. The fan of lines was north of the Garnkirk line. Glebe Street Works was located by the street. To the south, over the railway, was the St Rollox Chemical Works. An extension of the works was built to the north of the goods depot. Waste material was deposited to the north.

A siding from the yard was extended north, crossing the Buchanan Street extension to reach an area used for chemical waste disposal, which had former clay pits serving the Fountainwell Brick Works. The siding continued north to join the Port Dundas Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway), giving the works a new approach.

The yard closed in 1968 and was cleared. The site is partly vacant and partly a car dealership.


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