Scotland Street Junction

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Scotland Street Junction (1874-1986)

Opened on the General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway.
Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This was the junction between the original General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway and a connection from the City of Glasgow Union Railway from Port Eglinton Junction (Shields Bank Signal Box also closed). The junction allowed trains from the latter line access to General Terminus from the south. The approach from Shields Bank was single track, doubling at the junction.

The junction between those two lines was to the south, to the north the lines split into a yard, eight tracks wide, on the approach to General Terminus. The signal box was on the west side of the junction, a little to the south.

After disconnection from the City of Glasgow Union Railway in 1957 the line remained open. The signal box was replaced. in 1957 with a modern flat roofed structure in grey brick and concrete. The box was further north, north of the Scotland Street overbridge.

When the M8 was built the box was covered by the new collosal motorway bridge passing overhead.

The box closed in 1983, the line being worked by one train working. The Hunterston Ore Terminal had opened in 1979 and traffic had dwindeled.

Closure led to track lifting around 1986. The disused box survived for a while afterwards and the trackbed was infilled.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1870General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway
Scotland Street bridge widening (just north of Scotland Street Junction).
  /  /1874City of Glasgow Union Railway
Scotland Street Junction to Port Eglinton Junction opened.