Partickhill Goods [CR]

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Partickhill Goods [CR] (1874-1964)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.

Opened on the Stobcross Railway.

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This goods yard was operated by the Caledonian Railway although located on the Stobcross Railway, a North British Railway owned line. The Caledonian had running powers to the yard via Maryhill, Cowlairs and Sighthill.

The yard was on the west side of the Stobcross Railway north of Partickhill Goods [NBR] and Partickhill station.

The original approach was from the north. A connection to the yard started from the Stobcross Railway just south of the bridge over Clarence Drive. The yard had a long headshunt which crossed Clarence Drive on a second bridge.

The yard consisted of a goods shed, several loading banks and sidings.

With the opening of the Caledonian Railway backed Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway a new independent approach was provided, making use of the existing headshunt. The new line passed under the Stobcross Railway, the headshunt and the Whiteinch Loop Sidings north of the existing connection. (This location on the Stobcross Railway is now Hyndland station.) On the new line Crow Road station was opened to the south, roughly parallel to Partickhill Goods [CR]. From the east side of the station a looped siding ran north to meet the headshunt before it passed over the L&D. With this new connection the older connection to the Stobcross line was taken out.

A few minor alterations were made to the layout of the yard. Further sidings were laid in by Clarence Drive.

The yard was to survive the closure of the L&D in 1964 by means of a new connection. This used the headshunt as a reversing spur accessed from the north end of Partickhill Goods [NBR]. Wagons being scrapped were burned here. Around 1979/1980 it was completely cleared.

Houses new occupy the site.


Sidings goods yard