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Partick [1st] (1882-1953)
Partickhill (1953-1979)

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Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


This was an elevated two platform station on the north side of Dumbarton Road. The station was replaced by Partick station in 1979, just across Dumbarton Road on its south side.

The station opened in 1882 with the opening of the Glasgow, Yoker and Clydebank Railway off to the west. Initially a self contained service carried shipyard workers to the relocated Clyde Bank Iron Shipyard [2nd].

Two similar North British Railway station buildings faced each other at platform level.

A signal box, Partick Station, existed south of the station and Dumbarton Road on the west side of the line. This closed in 1910. The site was the north end of the present Partick station's northbound platform.

The station was relocated in preparation for the re-opening of the Argyle Line in 1979 and the Glasgow District Subway in 1980 - a new integrated railway, subway and bus station was opened on the south side of Dumbarton Road.

Some station buildings survived into the 1990s. (The North British Railway style buildings were replaced with concrete and brick waiting shelters before closure.) The platforms survive, out of use. A former entrance doorway can be found on Dumbarton Road, on the east side of the line.

To the north, on the west side of the line, was Partickhill Goods [NBR], accessed by reversal from the northbound line.



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Chronology Dates

17/12/1979Glasgow City and District Railway
Partickhill closed and replaced by Partick (incorporates Merkland Street [Subway] station).
  /  /1997Stobcross Railway
Partickhill station and Partickhill Goods [NBR] goods shed demolished to make may for a supermarket and other stores. The yard here was used during the Yoker re-signalling scheme.


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