Partickhill Goods [NBR]

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Partickhill Goods [NBR] (1874-1990)

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Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


This goods yard was operated by the North British Railway. It was located just north of Partickhill station on the west side of the line. Access was from the north. The yard no longer exists but the cut back approach to it remains in place as a permanent way sidings. The yard is now the West End Retail Park.

The yard consisted of a goods shed, sidings and loading banks. The mineral sidings were on the west side, goods yard on the east.

To its north was the competing Partickhill Goods [CR] of the Caledonian Railway (see entry for full details). This was altered in 1964 to be approached by a reversing spur access from the north end of Partickhill Goods NBR until its closure around 1980.

Partickhill Goods NBR remained in use for occasional goods into the 1980s. It provided a useful refuge location for trip goods, such as oil to Oil Kilpatrick and was used as a PW depot. After becoming increasingly overgrown it was reinstated for use as the depot for the Yoker resignalling scheme. Following this it saw some PW use before being closed and cut back.


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