Whiteinch Loop Sidings

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Whiteinch Loop Sidings (1886-1960)

Opened on the Stobcross Railway.


Not to be confused with Hyndland Depot, Hyndland [1st],Partickhill Goods [NBR] and Partickhill Goods [CR].

This set of sidings was located to the east side of the line where Hyndland station stands today. These probably provided stabling for traffic to and from the NBR and CR Partickhill goods yards. Access was from the south, by reversal. Loops ran from Whiteinch East Junction through to shy of Partick Junction.

A loop exists to the east side of the line today which provided access to these sidings - although there has been much alteration to the layout here with the building of Hyndland station.

WAC Smith described these as being 'the site of so much wartime activity'. Further sidings were added in wartime.




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