Hyndland [1st]

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Hyndland [1st] (1886-1960)

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Opened on the Glasgow City and District Railway.


This was a terminal station with an island platform and goods sidings. A fine terminus building stood in Hyndland Road, now gone, the site now being Station Gardens. The platform was canopied with a footbridge to the platform from Novar Drive.

The carriage sidings and turntable were directly north of the passenger station and there were goods and minerals sidings to the north again.

Part of the station's site is now a park and the remainder, the part which was carriage sidings and the goods sidings, and which became Hyndland Depot, is now housing. A short length of goods platform remains in the parkland at the east end of the former site.

The station had a signal box at its west end, located within the lines. The lines approaching the platforms were to the south and those to the yard to the north. The box opened with the station in 1886. In 1960 the signal box was renamed 'Hyndland Old'. It was not to last long and closed in 1961 when taken over by Hyndland Panel Box.


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