Oban Junction

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Names and dates

Dunblane Junction (1858-1880)
Oban Junction (1880-1971)

Opened on the Scottish Central Railway.
Opened on the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway.


This junction was immediately north of Dunblane station. Here the Scottish Central Railway was met by the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway. The branch was to be extended by the Callander and Oban Railway to Oban.

Allanwater Viaduct is just to the north of the junction on the main line.

Dunblane Shed was located in the 'V' of the junction.

The original junction layout had the Callander [1st] branch meet the down line and a crossover gave access to the up line.

Layout was modified to run as two separate south to Dunblane station, just to the south. There was a connection from the station's Oban platform to the down line.

After the branch was doubled (1902), the junction became a double track junction with a line from the Oban branch to the Oban platform.

The branch was singled in 1955.

The branch closed in 1965 (actually February 1966 when the last portion to Springbank Mill Siding closed) and a short permanent way siding remains here.




  /  /1971Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway
Springbank Mill Siding to Dunblane Junction (excluded) closed. A short length from the junction was retained as a permanent way siding.


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