Newbridge Junction

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Names and dates

Bathgate Junction (1849-1978)
Newbridge Junction (1978-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

Opened on the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway.


Bathgate Junction was created with the opening of the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway line west to Bathgate [1st] in 1849. It met the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway of 1842.

Both lines were double track. There were, and are, sidings here, to the east of the junction and on the south side (serving Hillwood Quarry]]). To the west of the junction were loops which started from the junction and ran a little way west on the south side of the westbound line.

The junction was renamed Newbridge Junction in 19XX (here assumed as 1978 before confirmation).

The box closed in 1978 when taken over by the Edinburgh Signalling Centre.

With the singling of some of the Bathgate line the junction layout was altered to a variation on a single lead, (with the additional complication of a loop on the main line). Since Airdrie to Bathgate re-opened it is a more conventional double track junction, still with the loop.