Main Street Gorbals

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Main Street Gorbals (1872-1900)

Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


Gorbals Junction was to the north of this station. As built, the line was double track from St Enoch to this junction. The station was built on the V of the junction.

Traffic increased, massively and the double track line was insufficient for the westbound traffic.

Platforms on the Paisley route were often called "Main Street Gorbals" and those on the Barrhead route "Gorbals".

Main Street Gorbals, opened 1872, closed when line was quadrupled from St Enoch to Port Eglinton Junction. due to space constraints the station was relocated west to Eglinton Street (Cumberland Street after 1924) which was an entirely new station on a new site - no parts shared with Main Street. Closure of Main Street and opening of Eglinton Street in 1900.

This was part of the Glasgow and South Western Railway's programme of improvements which saw quadrupling of the line the entire way from St Enoch to Dalgarven Signal Box and improvements as far as Kilwinning Junction. The Kilbarchan Loop was also part of this scheme. This scheme was by far the longest quadruple track railway in Scotland.

Gorbals, on the Barrhead line, remained open until 1928. It had opened in 1876 to replace the "South Side" terminus.

Chronology Dates

01/04/1871City of Glasgow Union Railway
Service from Dunlop Street to Govan commences. (Main Street Gorbals may have opened at this time.)
01/01/1872City of Glasgow Union Railway
Main Street Gorbals station opened.
30/09/1900City of Glasgow Union Railway
Main Street Gorbals closed, replaced by Eglinton Street [GSW] (later renamed Cumberland Street).