Macduff (Banff)

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Banff and Macduff (1860-1866)
Macduff (Banff) (1866-1872)

Opened on the Macduff Extension (Great North of Scotland Railway).
Opened on the Banff, Macduff and Turriff Extension Railway.


This was the original terminus of the line from Inveramsay and Turriff.

The terminus was not well suited for Macduff or Banff, being about a mile south of Macduff in a field. It was above and not far from the bridge over to Banff.

There was a goods yard to the south, station platform with loop in the middle and locomotive shed to the north - with a turntable at the end of that line. The sidings were accessible from the east. The turntable pit remains today.

The line was extended north to a more suitable site at Macduff. The extension started from more or less the site of the former station platform and used part of the former station approach road. The old station and sidings were not retained.

The location can still be found, partly landscaped and overgrown.


The Macduff Distillery, which produces Glen Deveron , is just downhill and to the south west of the former station.


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Chronology Dates

04/06/1860Banff, Macduff and Turriff Extension Railway
Turriff to Banff and Macduff opened; stations : Turriff, Plaidy, King Edward, Banff and Macduff.
01/07/1872Banff, Macduff and Turriff Extension Railway
Extension to Macduff opened. Banff and Macduff station closed and demolished, Banff Bridge and Macduff stations opened on extension.