Langloan Weights Signal Box

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Langloan Weights Signal Box (1870-1969)

Opened on the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Railway.


This junction was just east of Kirkwood station and west of the closed Langloan station. It provided access to the Langloan Iron Works, to its north east.

In addition it was the approach to Langloan station's goods yard (just east of the junction and on the north side of the station) and the Victorian Tube Works (a siding on the north side of the branch, approached from the junction). The signal box was on the south side of the line at the junction.

Woodside Steel and Iron Works was on the south side of the line west of the signal box. It was approached from the east, sidings coming off a westbound loop on the south side of the railway. A short mineral line continued west to Summerlee Kirkwood Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2.

The Langloan Iron Works closed, the site becoming Langloan Wagon Repair Depot. The Monkland and Kirktintilloch Railway's approach to the former iron works, from Langloan East Junction, had closed in 1914.

The signal box closed in 1969, the branch also closing around this time.

The main line remains open, reopened to local passenger trains in 1993 and is now electrified.


Signal box junction