Langloan Iron Works

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Langloan Iron Works (1841-1919)

Served by the Langloan Railway.
Served by the Monkland Canal.


This iron works, in the south west of Coatbridge, was opened in by Robert Addie, Robert Miller and Patrick Rankin. A range of blast furnaces were built in an east-west orientation on the north bank of the Luggie Burn.

The slag road and pig beds were on the south, lower, side of the works. The blast furnaces were charged on their north side. Further furnaces were added east of the originals.

It was served by the Langloan Railway, a protege of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway which approached from the north east and fanned out to serve the charging side of the furnaces. On the north side of the line was the foundry, approached from the east.

A second line from the Rutherglen and Coatbridge Branch (Caledonian Railway) approached from Langloan station^s goods yard to the south east.

The two lines met on the north west side of the blast furnaces and south side of the malleable iron works. Here the works yard was laid out. The slag road was reached from the yard by running south west to a headshunt by the Luggie Burn.

Further, the works was served by the Langloan Canal, a branch of the Monkland Canal. This approached from the north terminating on the west side of the malleable iron works.

The works closed in 1919. The north eastern part of the site remained in use as the Langloan Wagon Repair Depot, latterly approached from the south west with a part of the Langloan Railway retained as a headshunt.


The site is now the NL Leisure - Coatbridge Outdoor Sports Centre and housing.


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