Kilbirnie (South)

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Kilbirnie [CR] (1889-1924)
Kilbirnie (South) (1924-1930)

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Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.


This was the Caledonian Railway's 1889 terminus in the east of Kilbirnie. It was approached from Glengarnock [CR] by a double track line, beyond Glengarnock it was a single track branch to Giffen on the main line of the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.

The passenger station had a single platform on the east side of a run-round loop with a station building on Bridgend/Stonyholm Road. To the immediate east was the goods yard and goods shed and beyond that the two road locomotive shed and turntable.

Similar substantial station buildings built in timber containing offices, waiting rooms etc could be found at Ardrossan North and Oban (with trainsheds) and Barnton.

The signal box was at the station throat to the south, on the east side of the line opposite a short siding running west to Stonyholm Mill. This was later extended, via a reversing siding at the mill, on to Dennyholm Mill.

In 1905 the Kilbarchan Loop (Glasgow and South Western Railway) opened with its competing Kilbirnie [2nd] station. This line crossed over the Caledonian Railway's line south of the terminus' throat.

The signal box was replaced in 1919.

After the 1923 Grouping the future of the terminus was doubtful due to duplication of services between the CR and G&SWR.

The terminus closed in 1930 when the passenger service was withdrawn. The portion of the line south of the Glasgow and South Western Railway's bridge was retained as far as Glengarnock High for the Glengarnock Steel Works.

The site is now housing.


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