Hamilton [NBR]

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Hamilton [NBR] (1878-1952)

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Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.


This was a terminus with two platforms to the north of the competing Caledonian Railway^s Hamilton Central. The northern of the two platforms was aligned a little further west. The main platform had a small trainshed enclosing the platform line.alongside the station building. The trainshed was later removed. The station drive ran onto the east end of the island platform. The lines serving each platform had a loop. On the south side of the platform was a carriage siding from which, by reversal, the turntable could be reached.

To the north of the terminal island platform was a goods yard to the north. To the west the line continued past a signal box to Peacock Cross to run north to Bothwell [North British] where routes divided to Shettleston and Whifflet [NB]. The box was on the south side of the line at the station throat. It remained open until line closure in 1952.

The site is now St Mary^s Primary School.


Station terminus