Whifflet [NB]

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Whifflet [NB] (1849-1851)
Whifflet [NB] (1871-1895)
Whifflet [NB] (1895-1917)
Whifflet [NB] (1930-1930)

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Opened on the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway.


This was an island platform station. Parallel to it, and to the west, was Whifflet Lower and to the north, crossing both NBR and CR lines was Whifflet Upper. There was a platform building with a glazed canopy and access was via a footbridge which approached the south end of the platform from the Coatbank Street overbridge which crosses the NBR and CR lines.

The goods yard, Whifflet East Goods, was on the east side. It was approached by reversal from the southbound line.

The station closed in 1930 and the platform remained after closure until the 1960s.

The platform has been removed and tracks realigned.


Station island platform


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