Greenock Works and Shed

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Loco shed

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Greenock Works and Shed (1841-1885)

Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


The location was by the terminus Greenock, opening with the line in 1841. The works and shed were alongside each other.

With the Caledonian Railway leasing in 1846 the works were enlarged for the extra work (the bigger company not having a works of its own at this time).

The St Rollox Works opened in 1856 and the works part of the site became part of the engine shed.

With the Act to extend to Gourock being passed a new shed site had to be chosen as the line was to pass a little further to the north of the original alignment before cutting through it at Terrace Road. This line is described as passing through the site of the shed. A new site was selected at Greenock Ladyburn Shed. This would mean the shed and works were on the north side of the line.

Early maps show two shed in line with each other to the south of the terminus, o an east-west alignment.



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The Caledonian Railway opens the St Rollox Works between the original line's alignment and the new Buchanan Street Extension (Caledonian Railway). The works built and maintained locomotives and rolling stock. (Alternative date 1856.) Greenock Works and Shed on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway - workshops abandoned.


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