Greenock Princes Pier [1st]

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Greenock Albert Harbour (1869-1875)
Greenock Princes Pier [1st] (1875-1894)

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Opened on the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway.
Opened on the Glasgow and South Western Railway [Piers].


This was the terminus and pier of the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway in Greenock. The terminus and pier were built on reclaimed land, formerly Bay of Quick. Albert Harbour was built just to the east, the former Albert Quay. The pier opened, before the railway, in 1866. The station opened in 1869. It was replaced in 1894 by Greenock Princes Pier [2nd].

The opening of this terminus and pier put the Glasgow and South Western Railway in an excellent position as the competing Greenock Cathcart Street [1st] was not on a pier and required a walk to reach one and Helensburgh, on the north bank, was some distance from Helensburgh Pier also requiring a walk.

The station was located just to the south of the pier and west of Greenock Albert Harbour [Dock] which was also served by the railway. The station had several carriage sidings on the east side. A signal box opened in 1872.

With the opening of the Caledonian Railway's Gourock extension in 1889 the G&SW were keen to improve their facilities. A covered walkway was added (around 1888) between the terminus and the pierhead. But a far more impressive improvement was planned. The line was extended a little to the north and a very fine new replacement terminus Greenock Princes Pier [2nd] opened.


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Chronology Dates

  /  /1866Greenock Albert Harbour
The pier is opened before the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway opens its Greenock Albert Harbour station.
  /  /1866Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway
The Caledonian Railway's Greenock Albert Harbour is authorised. The Greenock and Ayrshire Railway actually reached the harbour in 1869.
01/09/1869Greenock and Ayrshire Railway
Line opened. The Glasgow and South Western Railway run services from Glasgow Bridge Street to Greenock Albert Harbour via Kilmacolm.
01/05/1875Greenock and Ayrshire Railway
Greenock Albert Harbour renamed Greenock Princes Pier [1st].


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